Delicate issues require a professional and objective approach.

We understand that each family matter is unique and special so we approach every case with exceptional care whilst we let our experience guide us in protecting our clients’ best interests in the finest way. We provide comprehensive advice on all aspects of family property issues that our clients face: from prenuptial agreements, advising in divorce matters to elder law and estate planning. We are trained to provide the well-informed and attentive counsel in family law matters; we offer our clients the understanding of local domestic courts, the way they operate and jointly we select the best options in the specific case to proceed. This kind of tailored approach with clients informed in each step of the process allows us to resolve any matter and obtain satisfactory results. When legal action is required in familial matters, it is of greatest importance to entrust your most private and valuable issues to an experienced and knowledgeable family law attorney.

We offer a comprehensive range of representation in domestic legal matters, including:

We offer:

Advising about property in marriage/de facto relationships
Assisting in the settlement procedures
Family property disputes
Matrimonial property disputes and Prenuptial Agreements