Our law office was founded by legal professionals with international educational background, great passion and vision for business developement in Montenegro.

Our professional strenghts

International approach and modern work environment

We love Montenegro and we understand how it can evolve even more its professionalism in the business sector in order to answer the ongoing global commercial challenges and requirements.

With international educational background and experiences acquired during cooperation with big regional law firms we acquired a broader perspective and we understand the needs that modern business imposes on our clients and their consultants as well as high-level international professional standards, all of which makes us prepared to offer high quality support in even most complex legal transactions.We provide business counsel and client representation both to domestic and international clients with the capability to respond quickly, efficiently and economically in different languages.

This approach has proven particularly attractive to large international businesses who appreciate having their Montenegrin operations treated with special care.

We are responsible, trustworthy and fair when providing our services

We hold both our business and clients to high standards and we carefully analyse each particular case before we take it on, so we can focus on producing only high-quality results.

We are honest about our strengths and in case we assess that some of our colleagues are more specialized in some area of the law in which you need assistance we will openly recommend them as well as suggest you the additional service of the consultants outside the law expertise  if needed (e.g. accountants, tax consultants etc.) and  we will help you connect  with some of the best experts in the field in Montenegro.

Since long-term relationships with our clients is our goal when providing our services we propose fair and realistic fees and when working with clients we hold to strong moral and professional lawyer ethics and discretion so our clients can feel reassured and calm when entrusting us with their most valued and important business and legal tasks.

We are easy to do business with – available, reliable, proactively engaged and highly responsive.

Having a boutique law office and small but highly-skilled team gives us an opportunity and strong will to focus on each of our clients as only by doing so we believe we can truly make a difference and assist them.

We pride ourselves on being accessible and strive to be as responsive as possible to client queries. In this role, we apply our knowledge, insight and skill to help clients to achieve their business objectives while managing and minimizing their risks, difficulties and expenses.

Passionate about business and projects

We understand and enjoy being up to date with recent business and economic developments in the country and world which allows us to assist our clients even better.

Getting to know our clients and understanding their business, motivation and their organization specifically represents for us one of the benefits of our job as we share the same entrepreneurial energy and devotion in building our own law firm.  Going through that process allows us to give a clear and commercially focused point of view based on truly understanding your business and aspirations.

A mind for detail

Our attention to even the smallest aspects of your legal matter is what truly sets our office apart. We are ready to read and re-write the document again and again, to question everything until we are sure that what is written is most suitable and secure for our client. We always think about easiest and less complicated options in order for you to enjoy your transactions and business without unnecessary complications and requirements if possible.